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Nant de Drance Pumped Hydro Storage Power

Technology Type Open-loop Pumped Hydro Storage
Rated Power 900000 kW
Duration at Rated Power (HH:MM) 0:15.00 / 0.00
URL More about Nant de Drance Pumped Hydro Storage Power
Nant de Drance SA is building a pumped storage power station in the Valais municipality of Finhaut. The facility will be situated in an underground cavern between the existing Emosson and Vieux Emosson reservoirs. The power station is designed to generate electricity at peak consumption times and to balance out the irregular and variable electricity generation from renewable energy sources. Work on excavating the underground machine cavern has been under way since mid-2012. The dimensions are impressive: 190 meters long, 52 meters high and 32 meters wide. The excavation should be completed in March 2014. The work to raise the height of the Vieux-Emosson dam was started in the spring of 2013. After completion of the construction work, which will take another two years through to the autumn of 2015, the dam will have gained 20 metres in height. The structural steelwork and the installation of the machines will be started in 2014. The commissioning of the power station will take place in stages from 2017.
This data has been validated by project staff through a review of publicly available information about the project, and verified by the project owner. Information is accurate as of 2016-04-29.
Project Status
Status Operational
Commissioning On 01.01.2017
Project Includes Multiple Systems No

Martigny, Valais

Utility Type
Paired Grid Resource
Project Includes Multiple Systems No
Ownership & Value Chain Partners
Ownership Model Third-Party-Owned
Equity Owner 1 Alpiq
Equity Owner 1 Percent 39%
Equity Owner 2 SBB (36%), IWB (15%), FMV (10%)
Cost & Performance
Performance Performance metrics not available
Service Use Case Electric Energy Time Shift
Electric Supply Capacity

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