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Rose Creek Pumped Storage

Technology Type Pumped Hydro Storage
Rated Power 250000 kW
URL More about Rose Creek Pumped Storage
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission put out for notice a September 2013 application from Gridflex Energy LLC for a preliminary permit on a 250-MW pumped storage hydro project in Nevada. Under this permit, Gridflex Energy is proposing to study the feasibility of the Rose Creek Pumped Storage Project, to be located on the Rose Creek Reservoir near the town of Hawthorne in Mineral County, Nev. The sole purpose of a preliminary permit, if issued, is to grant the permit holder priority to file a license application during the permit term. The proposed project would consist of an expansion of the existing Rose Creek Reservoir as the upper reservoir for this facility, and a new lower reservoir, joined by approximately 12,300 feet of conduit. The estimated annual generation of the Rose Creek Project would be 547.5 gigawatt-hours. The project would also consist of: a 100-foot-high by 1,720-foot-wide roller-compacted concrete or concrete-face rock-fill expansion of the existing Rose Creek Dam; a 40-foot-high by 4,100-foot-wide concrete-face rock-fill or earthen lower reservoir ring embankment; an expanded upper reservoir with a surface area of 35 acres; a lower reservoir with a surface area of 21 acres; a 2,200-foot-long, 9.6-foot-diameter concrete-lined low pressure headrace; a 9,600-foot-long, 9.6-foot-diameter concrete and steel-lined high pressure headrace; a 700-foot-long, 11.6-foot-diameter concrete-lined tailrace; a 200-foot-long by 60-foot-wide by 120-foot-high powerhouse; and a new, 20-mile-long, 230-kV transmission line connected to the 230-kV Dixie Valley Oxbow transmission line or a new, 15-mile-long, 230-kV transmission line connected to Sierra Pacific Power’s Thorne substation.
This data has been validated by project staff through a review of publicly available information about the project, and verified by the project owner.
Project Status
Status Announced
Project Includes Multiple Systems No

Mineral County, Nevada
United States

Utility Type
Paired Grid Resource
Project Includes Multiple Systems No
Ownership & Value Chain Partners
Ownership Model Third-Party-Owned
Equity Owner 1 GridFlex Energy
Cost & Performance
Performance .
Capital Expenditure $1000000000
Service Use Case Electric Supply Capacity
Electric Supply Reserve Capacity - Non-Spinning
Electric Supply Reserve Capacity - Spinning
Frequency Regulation
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