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FerroSmartGrid - Regulation Node

Technology Type Hybrid Lead-acid Battery/Electro-chemical Capacitor
Rated Power 50 kW
URL More about FerroSmartGrid - Regulation Node
FerroSmartGrid is a demonstration project that aims to achieve maximum efficiency in the railway infrastructure power grid. In order to do this, a new generation of railway smart nodes has been developed to enable interoperability between urban/interurban transportation systems, users and the railway infrastructure. Win Inertia, as a technological solutions provider, uses the same environmental technological concept developed in the Ferrolinera project to create smart nodes over the railway infrastructure. The Regulation node helps stabilize the electric grid using its optimized storage combination of Maxwell’s ultracapacitors and battery storage technologies to gradually draw excess energy from either renewable energy sources or the grid in cases of overproduction. This stored energy is carefully managed until there is a need in the grid, at which time the regulation node rapidly and expertly injects the necessary energy to cover the deficit. Please note that the techonology type for this project is actually a hybrid lead-acid battery/electro-chemical capacitor.
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Project Status
Status Operational
Commissioning On DD.05.YYYY
Project Includes Multiple Systems No

Carretera MA-5406, km 6
Antequera, Málaga 29540

Utility Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (Adif)
Utility Type Federally Owned
Paired Grid Resource Secondary Distribution
Project Includes Multiple Systems No
Ownership & Value Chain Partners
Ownership Model Utility-Owned
Equity Owner 1 Adif
Energy Storage Technology Provider AMOPACK SL and Maxwell Technologies
Power Electronics Provider Win Inertia
Integrator Company Win Inertia
Developer Win Inertia
Cost & Performance
Projected Project Lifetime 25 years
Performance N/A
Capital Expenditure $729027
Service Use Case Microgrid Capability
On-Site Power
Onsite Renewable Generation Shifting
Renewables Capacity Firming
Transportation Services
Voltage Support
Funding Source 1 Federal/National
Research Partner
Research Institution Universidad de Jaen; Universidad de Sevilla - Electronic Technology Group; Universidad de Málaga - Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Industrial
Research Description Jaen - PV installations of the Regulation node; Sevilla - Collaborated on the central management system for the nodes; Málaga - Defined energy potential for regenerative braking energy generation
Research Institution URL
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