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Storage OIR Proceeding

Policy Number R. 10-12-007

California Public Utilities Commission

"In December 2010, the CPUC opened Rulemaking R.10-12-007 to set policy for California utilities and load-serving entities (LSEs) to consider the procurement of viable and cost-effective energy storage systems. Under terms of state law embodied in AB 2514 (Skinner), by October 1, 2013, the CPUC shall adopt an energy storage procurement target, if determined to be appropriate, to be achieved by each LSE by December 15, 2015, and a 2nd target to be achieved by December 31, 2020. In addition, the CPUC should consider a variety of possible policies to encourage the cost-effective deployment of energy storage systems, including refinement of existing procurement methods to properly value energy storage systems." - CPUC Website The Storage OIR includes a series of workshops and related proceedings to establish appropriate valuation, grid need identification, and procurement goal-setting methodologies for energy storage. Workshops include a diverse group of stakeholders, including utilities, storage industry groups, technology providers, ratepayer advocates, green-grid and environmental interests, and others. As of May 2013, workshops and feedback are still ongoing. A final ruling on procurement goals and other related policy changes is expected by October 2013.

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