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Name Policy Number Policy Source Effective Date Termination Date
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order 719
This order amends FERC regulations under the Federal Power Act to improve the operation of organized wholesale electric markets in the areas of: (1) demand response and market pricing during periods of operating reserve shortage; (2) long-term power contracting; (3) market-monitoring policies; and (4) the responsiveness of regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and independent system perators (ISOs) to their customers and other stakeholders, and ultimately to the consumers who benefit from and pay for electricity services. Each RTO and ISO will be required to make certain filings that propose amendments to its tariff to comply with the requirements in each area, or that demonstrate that its existing tariff and market design already satisfy the requirements.
719 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) -
Frequency Regulation Compensation in the Organized Wholesale Power Markets
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is revising its regulations to remedy undue discrimination in the procurement of frequency regulation in the organized wholesale electric markets and ensure that providers of frequency regulation receive just and reasonable and not unduly discriminatory or preferential rates. Current compensation methods for regulation service in RTO and ISO markets fail to acknowledge the inherently greater amount of frequency regulation service being provided by faster-ramping resources. This Final Rule requires RTOs and ISOs to compensate frequency regulation resources based on the actual service provided, including a capacity payment that includes the marginal unit’s opportunity costs and a payment for performance that reflects the quantity of frequency regulation service provided by a resource when the resource is accurately following the dispatch signal.
FERC Order 755 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) -
Project Number 39657
The Commission opened three rules to address issues related to storage. The first project, Project Number 39657, was a rulemaking to Implement SB 943 relating to Electric Energy Storage Equipment or Facilities. In November 2011, the Commission adopted amendments to §25.5. The amendments added references to energy storage equipment and facilities as required by SB 943 of the 82nd Legislature, Regular Session in 2011 (SB 943). This rule included electric energy storage equipment or facilities under the definition of a power generation company providing clarity regarding the interconnection of energy storage equipment and facilities.
Public Utility Commission of Texas -
Smart Grid Investment Grant Program
"The Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) program is authorized by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, Section 1306, as amended by the Recovery Act. The purpose of the grant program is to accelerate the modernization of the nation’s electric transmission and distribution systems and promote investments in smart grid technologies, tools, and techniques that increase flexibility, functionality, interoperability, cybersecurity, situational awareness, and operational efficiency. The SGIG projects were selected through a merit-based, competitive solicitation by which successful projects were eligible to receive federal financial assistance for up to 50% of eligible costs. Additional details about the original Funding Opportunity Announcement are available in the SGIG Funding Opportunity Announcement." Per the SGIG 2012 report (, at least one funded project explicitly identifies storage as being a factor of the smart grid itself. More may include energy storage but do not list it explicitly.
Department of Energy -


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