In February 2012, the project entered into service and became Cape Verde’s first rural micro grid with 100% renewable energy generation. This project was carried out within the framework of the “Energy Facility” ACP-EU program. Permanent electricity access had been strongly requested by the local stakeholders and community of the village to cover basic energy needs such as lighting, communication, community services and ice production for fish conservation.

Within the same framework, the system has been implemented in February 2014 up to 39 kWp installed.

The objective of the project was the electrification of the village of Monte Trigo (600 people) in Santo Antão Island, with a Multiuser Solar micro-Grid (MSG).

The project was implemented in 2011, and is currently in the post commissioning follow-up period. A key aspect of the project has been to ensure the long-term sustainability of the electricity service. In addition to the description of the plant and the operation and management scheme, this article underlines the importance of the Energy Daily Allowance (EDA) concept from social, technical and economic perspectives. In conclusion the article intends to highlight the validity of both the technical solution and management model.

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