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Tsukuba Plant Mitsubishi Materials Corporation - NGK

Technology Type Sodium-sulfur Battery
Rated Power 2000 kW
Duration at Rated Power (HH:MM) 0:15.00 / 6.00
URL More about Tsukuba Plant Mitsubishi Materials Corporation - NGK
NGK Insulators announced the cause of the fire that occurred on September 21, 2011 involving the NAS (sodium-sulfur) batteries for electricity storage that it has manufactured. NGK also announced safety enhancement measures and the resumption of factory operations. NGK has worked to find the cause of the incident and implement countermeasures since it happened. Recently, a third-party investigation committee, with Japan's Hazardous Materials Safety Techniques Association serving as secretariat, reviewed the cause of the fire and containment measures, and judged that the details regarding both were reasonable and appropriate. Based on the results of this investigation, NGK decided to voluntarily implement safety enhancement measures, including a monitoring system, under the guidance of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. By implementing these safety enhancement measures, customers can be assured of their NAS batteries because the batteries now have more safety features than previous ones.
This data has been validated by project staff through a review of publicly available information about the project, and verified by the project owner. Information is accurate as of 2016-04-29.
Project Status
Status De-Commissioned
Decommissioned On 21.09.2011
Project Includes Multiple Systems No

1511 Furumagi
Joso City, Ibaraki

Utility Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)
Utility Type Public Owned
Paired Grid Resource
Project Includes Multiple Systems No
Ownership & Value Chain Partners
Ownership Model Utility-Owned
Equity Owner 1 Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)
Energy Storage Technology Provider NGK Insulators Ltd.
Cost & Performance
Service Use Case Electric Energy Time Shift
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