Located on the Guadix plateau in the Spanish province of Granada, Andasol 1 has started its test run in autumn 2008. The power plant project has been developed by Solar Millennium AG, Erlangen (Germany). The corporation concluded a partnership for the construction of the power plant with the ACS/Cobra group, Spain’s largest construction and plant engineering company, which in December 2004 entered into the 300 million Euro project by purchasing shares of the company Andasol 1 S.A. and which holds 75 percent of the shares today. Using the experience of Solar Millennium, the ACS/Cobra group is responsible for constructing the power plant; Flagsol GmbH, the technology subsidiary of Solar Millennium AG, provides the engineering for the solar field, i.e. planning, design and construction monitoring, as well as the controls of the solar field.

Molten Salt Thermal Storage