The Xianju pumped storage power station is a pure daily regulation pumped storage power station, and serves the functions of peaking and utilizing power at base load, and emergency reserve as well as frequency and phase modulation.

Four single stage Francis reversible pump-turbines are installed at the station with rated capacity of 382.7 MW each. The parameters of the units are as follows:

The rated speed 375 r/min, diameter of runner 4.92 m, rated head 428 m, ratio of max. head to rated head 1.14. The annual generated energy 2513 million kWh with annual generating hours 1675, and annual consumed energy for pumping 3441 million kWh with annual pumping hours 2294.

The existing Xiaan reservoir is taken as the lower reservoir, and the upper reservoir is formed by filling two saddles at the natural depression. The distance between the upper and lower reservoirs is 2 km with height difference of 440 m.

Owner/Developer's website is located at http://8j.sinohydro.com/


Open-loop Pumped Hydro Storage