Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is piloting both residential energy storage (RES) units and community energy storage (CES) systems in Anatolia. So far, the research team has installed 15 RES units in the garages of neighborhood volunteers. Later this month, the team will set up three CES systems in the neighborhood. Each CES will be connected to the pad-mounted transformers on distribution feeders and will be sized to work with the group of homes serviced by each transformer. These are about three times larger than the residential units, but can be shared between five to ten homes.

SMUD will continue to run tests and gather data through September 2012, giving the utility a nine-month experimental period with the RES units and roughly a six-month period for the CES units. Although complete results will not be available until the end of the year, the researchers will present preliminary data on March 19, 2012, at the PV America conference in San Jose, California.

Technical Details:
15 units
– UL listed Silent Power units
– 10kWpeak/8.8 kWh SAFT Li-ion
Energy storage connected to the home electrical system through a Silent Power grid-connected inverter
High-speed communication over broadband for rich data collection and advanced analytics
Customer portal access for each home, allowing customers to view: their household energy consumption , state of their battery, and energy supplied back to the grid, as well as receive and respond to dynamic pricing signal.

Note: Funding designation is half designated to High Penetration Solar Pilot Project Anatolia (CES System)

Lithium-ion Battery