A prototype concentrating solar power (CSP) pilot project, using linear Fresnel Reflector Technology

Solar Field
Solar-Field Aperture Area: 400 m²
# of Lines: 1
Line Length: 40 m
# of Mirrors across Line: 12
Collector Manufacturer (Model) : Solar Euromed (AF1)
Collector Description: Liner Fresnel Reflectors
Mirror Manufacturer (Model) : Solar Euromed (AF1)
Mirror Manufacturer (Model) : (AF1)
Receiver Manufacturer (Model) : Solar Euromed (AF1)
Receiver Type: Non-evacuated
Receiver Length: 40 m
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: Water
Solar-Field Outlet Temp: 300°C

Power Block
Turbine output: 0.25 MW
Output Type: Steam Rankine
Power Cycle Pressure: 100.0 bar
Cooling Method: Dry cooling

Heat Thermal Storage