Technology: Parabolic trough
Lat/Long Location: 38°39′ North, 6°44′ West
Land Area: 200 hectares
Solar Resource: 2,168 kWh/m2/yr
Source of Solar Resource: Meteo Station
Construction Job-Years: 600
Annual O&M Jobs: 40
PPA/Tariff Type: Real Decreto 661/2007
PPA/Tariff Rate: 27.0 Euro cents per kWh
PPA/Tariff Period: 25 years
Project Type: Commercial

Plant Configuration
Solar Field
Solar-Field Aperture Area: 510,120 m²
# of Solar Collector Assemblies (SCAs): 624
# of Loops: 156
# of SCAs per Loop: 4
SCA Aperture Area: 817 m²
SCA Length: 144 m
# of Modules per SCA: 12
SCA Manufacturer (Model): Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios (SENERTROUGH)
Mirror Manufacturer (Model): Flabeg (RP3)
# of Heat Collector Elements (HCEs): 22,464
HCE Manufacturer (Model): Solel (UVAC 2008)
HCE Type (Length): Evacuated (4 m)
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: Diphenyl/Biphenyl oxide
Solar-Field Inlet Temp: 293°C
Solar-Field Outlet Temp: 393°C
Solar-Field Temp Difference: 100°C

Power Block
Turbine Capacity (Gross): 50.0 MW
Turbine Capacity (Net): 50.0 MW
Turbine Manufacturer: Siemens (Germany)
Power Cycle Pressure: 100.0 bar
Cooling Method: Wet cooling
Cooling Method Description: Cooling towers
Turbine Efficiency: 38.1% @ full load
Annual Solar-to-Electricity Efficiency (Gross): 16%
Fossil Backup Type: HTF heater
Backup Percentage: 12%

Thermal Storage
Storage Type: 2-tank indirect
Thermal Storage Description: 28,500 tons of molten salt. 1,010 MWh. Tanks are 14 m high and 36 m in diameter.

Molten Salt Thermal Storage