Enel Distribuzione has begun installing the first smart grid in Italy, and one of the first in Europe, in Isernia. The technology installed will make it possible to optimally regulate the bi-directional flow of electricity generated from renewable resources on low and medium-voltage networks. A total investment of 10 million euros is projected for this Molise “pilot project”.

Several thousand customers will take part in the project. The pilot smart grid linked to the Carpinone substation encompasses:

Systems for estimating electricity generated from renewable resources; sensors for the advanced monitoring of grid volumes; interaction with electricity generators to provide advanced regulation of input flows; storage using lithium-ion battery technology, with a capacity of 0.7 MW (0.5 MWh), to modulate flows of electricity, built by Siemens to Enel specifications; recharging stations for electric vehicles; equipment installed in homes to allow customers to monitor their consumption.

Enel is currently implementing a 10-year restructuring plan for its entire distribution network (over 1 million kilometers), coordinated with programs for encouraging the introduction of smart grids launched by the European Commission.

Lithium-ion Battery