Europe's first commercial battery park, it will participate in Primary Frequency regulation market. Additional revenues/savings possible through black start capability etc. WEMAG AG, a utility located in Schwerin, Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, will also receive EUR 1.3 million one-off grant through the Environmental Innovation Program (Umweltinnovationsprogramm) for the 5 MW lithium-ion battery plant, the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) informed. The battery plant pilot project shall provide primary reserve (Primärregelleistung), thus helping to balance the grids and integrate green energy.

In late 2016, WEMAG decided to enlarge their battery park. With this upgrade, the utility’s storage resource will triple its power output from 5 MW to 15 MW, while the energy capacity will increase from 5 MWh to 15 MWh. An Additional 1,254 modules or 27,588 cells will be installed in a second building.

Lithium-ion Battery