Grid on Wheels is the first ever use of electric vehicle batteries, chargers, and charging infrastructure to
participate in and generate revenue from open ancillary services markets. This project is the culmination of
innovations and developments over the past 15 years including:

• Bi-directional charging for EVs at up to 18 kW per vehicle
• Remote control of EV charging
• Third-party aggregation of EVs for the purpose of providing ancillary services
• Real-time communication between vehicle, aggregator, and ISO/RTO
• Rates, regulation, standards, and tariffs enabling market participation from EVs downstream of the

Grid on Wheels is deployed at University of Delaware by eV2g, a joint venture between the University and
NRG. The project uses 30 BMW MINI Es modified for V2G and provided by EV Grid. The project achieved the
first successful fulfillment of and earned payment for grid regulation in PJM's ancillary services market in
March, 2013. Since then Grid on Wheels has been increasing the hours and power it bids into the market.
Ultimately, the 30 EVs in the project will be able to provide up to 300 kW or more of grid-up and grid-down

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