The purpose of this project is to demonstrate techniques to enhance the ability of conventional and renewable demand response resources to be integrated into the operations of an electric delivery company. Interoperability will be demonstrated by integrating the operations of a demand response service provider, a large multi-facility retail customer and an electric delivery company. Phase 1 of the project demonstrated the potential to achieve the project objectives. This is Phase 2, which includes design, procurement and installation of:equipment: (1) to modify the demand response command center to enable integration of the operations of multiple demand response resources; (2) to enable auto-response at multiple retail electric customer facilities from the demand response command center; (3) to evaluate the technical feasability of distributed generators at retail electric customer sites to operate in parallel with an electric distribution network and inject power into the network; (4) to reduce NOx emissions and demonstate the cost-effectiveness of clean distributed generation; and (5) demonstrate that an ice storage plant at a retail customer site will reduce energy costs while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition this ice storage plant will demonstrate its ability to cost-effectively supply system regulation and support power system stability.

10,000 cooling tons of ice.

Ice Thermal Storage