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Rankin Substation Energy Storage Project

Technology Type Sodium-nickel-chloride Battery
Rated Power 402 kW
Duration at Rated Power (HH:MM) 0:15.00 / 0.70
URL More about Rankin Substation Energy Storage Project
***This project was De-Commissioned in December 2014 and was replaced by a new Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) with more details under these two entries: - Duke Energy Rankin Substation - Win Inertia / Maxwell - Duke Energy Rankin Substation - Win Inertia / Aquion Energy In 2010, Duke Energy, FIAMM, and S&C Electric Company came together to solve a problem that Duke Energy was beginning to experience on distribution circuits that have a high penetration of distributed solar generation. Due to passing clouds, solar energy output was observed to rapidly fluctuate; cases were observed where over 80% of a solar unit's output would drop in less than five seconds. This rapid fluctuation in circuit power flows can cause undesirable voltage conditions that are significant for existing infrastructure to correct. To solve this, a battery system was envisioned that charged and discharged to absorb the solar-induced "power swings", allowing the circuit's voltage profile to remain smooth despite significant and rapid changes to the power flows along it. Duke has arranged 12 batteries manufactured by the Italian company FIAMM for use in series in hybrid electric buses to make a 402-kilowatt battery. It is used to smooth out large minute-by-minute spikes and troughs in production from the 1.2-megawatt rooftop solar project Duke operates about a mile away. The Rankin project is designed to give Duke hard data on what would be the smallest battery that could be used to reduce these swings effectively. FIAMM donated the battery to Duke to participate in getting the information. Dan Sowder, Senior Project Manager in Duke's Emerging-Technology Office says the Italian company is designing products for use with solar projects, based on the information it gets from the Rankin project.
This data has been validated by project staff through a review of publicly available information about the project, and verified by the project owner. Information is accurate as of 2016-04-29.
Project Status
Status De-Commissioned
Commissioning On 01.12.2011
Decommissioned On 01.12.2014
Project Includes Multiple Systems No

Rankin Avenue Retail Substation
Mount Holly, North Carolina 28120
United States

Utility Duke Energy
Utility Type Investor Owned
Paired Grid Resource Primary Distribution
Paired Grid Resource 1.2 MW Solar PV
Project Includes Multiple Systems No
Ownership & Value Chain Partners
Ownership Model Utility-Owned
Equity Owner 1 Duke Energy
Equity Owner 1 Percent 100%
Energy Storage Technology Provider FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions
Integrator Company S&C Electric Company
Cost & Performance
Performance Performance metrics not available
Service Use Case Frequency Regulation
Renewables Capacity Firming
Voltage Support
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