The Smarter Network Storage (SNS) project aims to carry out a range of technical and commercial innovation to tackle the challenges associated with the low-carbon transition and facilitate the economic adoption of storage. It is differentiated from other LCNF electrical storage projects by its demonstration of storage across multiple parts of the electricity system, outside the boundaries of the distribution network. By demonstrating this multi-purpose application of 6 MW / 10 MWh of energy storage at Leighton Buzzard primary substation, the project will explore the capabilities and value in alternative revenue streams for storage, whilst deferring traditional network

The project aims to provide the industry with a greater understanding and a detailed assessment of the business case and full economics of energy storage, helping to accommodate increasing levels of intermittent and inflexible low carbon generation. The £18.7 million project was awarded funding of £13.2 million by Ofgem, under the Low Carbon Network Fund (LCNF) scheme in December 2012 and will last four years, from January 2013 to December 2016.

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