The Markersbach Pumped Storage Power Plant is a hydroelectric power station utilizing pumped-storage technology in Markersbach, Germany. Planning for the power plant began in 1961, construction began in 1970 and the generators were commissioned in 1979. The power station generates electricity by moving water between an upper and lower reservoir. During periods of low energy demand, water is pumped from the lower reservoir at an elevation of 563 m (1,847 ft) to an upper reservoir at 850 m (2,789 ft). When energy demand is high, the water is released back down towards the lower reservoir and fed through six 175 MW reversible Francis pump turbines, the same machines that pumped the water to the upper reservoir.

Hydraulic head: 288 m
Reservoir Capacity: 6,300,000 m3
Water discharge: 70 m3/s per Unit, 6 Units 175 MW each

Open-loop Pumped Hydro Storage