Ecollab. is a simple and airy building with a modern appearance and a warm and soft atmosphere. At Ecollab. research is carried out from a variety of aspects aimed at creating the next generation of environmentally-friendly lifestyles. The energy system of Ecollab. was established based on these ideas, and a new concept introduced to rebuild the power system in the house and to aim for energy saving and drastic CO2 reduction in the civilian sector. Ecollab. installs solar panels of 5.8kW and 10kW of lithium-ion storage batteries and is a demonstration experiment. The Lithium-ion battery has no self-discharge but high charging performance. It also does not reduce its capacity in recharging even though there is some remaining, and can take in even just small amounts of
power. With this feature, Ecollab. uses the secondary batteries not only for power backups but also for take-in and for a stable supply of renewable energy which is unstable and weak at its source.