In 1989, (a large semi-conductor chip manufacturer) contracted Natgun Corporation to construct a partially buried 2.7 MG, 24,500 ton-hr thermal energy storage (TES) tank for the purpose of saving energy costs by taking advantage of the time-of-use electric rates. The TES system was designed to shift the electric load of the chillers and associated cooling equipment from the on-peak periods (daytime), to the off-peak periods (night time). Then in 1993, (this same large semi-conductor chip manufacturer) contracted Natgun to construct a second TES tank. This second tank was much larger (5.2 MG and rated at 48,730 ton-hrs) and was constructed fully buried beneath a parking lot.

The TES Tanks serving the facilities of this large semi-conductor manufacturer in Dallas, TX area have been in operation for decades providing numerous benefits to the owner including: energy cost savings, plants and reliability in the form of spare cooling capacity for the chilled water system during periods of planned and unplanned downtime of the central plant equipment.

Chilled Water Thermal Storage