The San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) microgrid project integrates a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) component - focused on utility-side applications, and a California Energy Commission (CEC) portion , which focuses on customer-side applications. Goals of the DOE portion include achieving a greater than 15 percent reduction in feeder peak load, exploring microgrid islanding, and improving system reliability.

Borrego Substation, with a peak load of over 10 MW, was selected as the demonstration site since it provides a unique opportunity to explore microgrid islanding of an entire distribution feeder. The project involves integration of five technologies, including distributed energy resources (DER) and VAR management, feeder automation system technologies (FAST), advanced energy storage, an outage/distribution management system, and price-driven load management. The project team will also perform a cost/benefit analysis for full-scale deployment.

As a part of this project, SDG&E is planning to install up to six 4.5 kW/6.6 kWh Li-ion batteries at multiple residences and/or small commercial with charge/discharge commands sent via cloud based networking.

Lithium-ion Battery