Toshiba and NRG Energy have collaborated to deploy a new, cutting-edge battery energy storage system within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid. The Elbow Creek Energy Storage project is a lithium-ion-based Toshiba battery system capable of storing and delivering up to 2 megawatts (MW) of electrical power. The system, located near NRG’s and NRG Yield’s Elbow Creek Wind Farm in Howard County Texas, is designed for applications that enhance the stability of the electric grid.

The project is expected to demonstrate the environmentally beneficial impact and commercial viability of siting energy storage technology amidst the growing hub of renewable generation in West Texas. The battery system is expected to help correct short-term grid imbalances by providing high-speed frequency regulation services. It also has the ability to move blocks of generation from the hours when wind generation is high to the hours when load support is needed the most.

The system utilizes the latest energy storage technologies designed by Toshiba, centered on the long-life, high-performance SCiBTM Rechargeable Battery, and was manufactured at Toshiba’s 1 million sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas. ERCOT recently concluded final certification testing on the battery system, which was funded in part by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, as part of their Texas Emissions Reduction Plan.

Lithium-ion Battery