redT energy has signed an agreement with The Olde House, a working farm and holiday retreat, situated in North Cornwall, to place six of its redT energy storage machines, totaling 1.08 MWh.

The Olde House is an early leading innovator in using renewable technology to support its business, adopting solar and biomass generation as well as demand use management. The cost of the installation is being supported by funding from energy services company Centrica who will also work with the site owner to optimise the use of the redT’s energy storage assets.

Cornwall has an “end of line” distributed energy grid which is struggling to embrace one of the fastest growing solar markets in the UK. Solar is now one of the cheapest forms of energy generation, however excess production during the day results in new solar projects no longer being approved to connect to the grid during daytime hours. Once installed, the redT machines will be coupled alongside two grid-connected solar arrays with a combined capacity of 350kWp and one of its key functions will be used to timeshift excess solar generation produced during the day for use during peak times when electricity from the grid is most expensive, this is known as “Solar firming”. Using redT’s energy storage machines, the site could save up to 50% on grid imports during peak times.

redT’s energy storage machines will also demonstrate functionality to provide energy services to the local Cornwall grid which will generate additional revenues for the project. These services can include a combination of; frequency response, STOR, participation in the capacity market and demand turn up. Further functionality for the energy storage machine ¬to participate in energy arbitrage and local energy trading is proposed to be demonstrated over time, assisting the grid through buying energy when there is cheap excess and selling it when there is an expensive shortage.

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery