EXKAL, a maker of refrigeration units and supplier to the sector, ordered two lithium battery energy storage systems to pair with 11,270kWp of existing rooftop PV generation. The systems, each of 50kW / 200kWh, will help the EXKAL facility reduce peak demand portions of its energy bills and increasing the portion of power used at the site that comes from self-consuming rooftop-generated PV, further reducing costs.

Manufactured at Saft’s facilities in Florida, the Intensium Mini E devices, the smaller version of the company’s grid-scale containerised storage, should reduce EXKAL’s power bills by around 8%. The project was actually completed in April last year, but the respective partners held off from the announcement until this week. The Intensium Mini E units use Saft’s Synerion lithium battery modules and meets local grid code requirements.

Lithium-ion Battery