The highly anticipated hybrid energy storage solution, to help secure grid stability and improve reliability, will be officially launched with a ground breaking event at the JPS Hunts Bay Power Plant Substation this week. The facility will be the first of its kind in the Caribbean, and one of the largest facilities being installed in the world this year. The project will be constructed at a cost of US$21.6M or J$2.7B.

The energy storage solution will have power readily available, in the event that solar and wind renewable systems, suddenly lose power due to cloud cover, reduced wind or other interruptions. The project involves constructing a 24.5 Megawatt facility which will be a combination of low speed flywheels and containerised lithium-Ion batteries.

This initiative will also provide a much faster, cost effective and environmentally friendly spinning reserve (or back-up) as an alternative to traditional generation spinning reserve.

Lithium-ion Battery