The Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system has been providing the campus with roughly $600,000 in annual savings since it was placed in operation in May 2003. The main feature of the system is a 5,000,000 gallon water tank that serves as the foundation for LaKretz Hall which is the campus's first U.S. Green Buildings Council LEED Silver certified building and the home of UCLA's Institute of the Environment. The TES system allows the campus to make and store excess chilled water at night when energy prices are low and then use the stored cooling to air condition the campus during the day when energy prices are higher.

Operation of the TES system and the campus air conditioning system has also been enhanced by construction of a new air conditioning water chiller facility near Boelter Hall and the California Nano Science Institute (CNSI). Once the location of an older and less inefficient chilled water facility using CFC refrigerants, the new facility has 25% larger capacity, much more energy efficient machines and does not use CFCs. In fact, the main air conditioning system that serves nearly the entire campus is now free of CFCs. In addition to adding sorely needed capacity to the campus air conditioning system, the new chilled water facility also increases the efficiency and capacity of the TES, contributing further energy savings. The new system has been in full operation since July of 2006.

UCLA is enhancing the TES system by installing variable speed drive controls for the TES pumps which will make the TES system even more energy efficient.

Chilled Water Thermal Storage