In 2012, Alamo Colleges contracted with Trane to provide a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system for their Northeast Lakeview College campus. Trane selected DN Tanks to provide a 1 million gallon TES tank for this project, for the purpose of saving energy costs for Northeast Lakeview College.

The TES system was designed to shift the electric load of the chillers and associated cooling equipment from the on-peak periods (daytime), to the off-peak periods (night time). Texas Energy Engineering Services, Inc. (TEESI) specified a stratified chilled water tank with 9,380 ton-hrs of useable TES capacity, and Trane provided the design-build expertise that integrated the TES tank into the existing chilled water district cooling system for the campus. This central chilled water system provides cooling for this 370,000 square foot college campus with a spring 2015 headcount enrollment of 5,700 students.

Per Brad Bright of Trane, this TES system will allow Alamo Colleges to shift approximately 600kW from the “on-peak” electric period to the “off-peak” electrical period. John Strybos, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities at Alamo Colleges, estimates that this TES system will save the college over $114,000 annually. Also, the TES tank provides flexibility for the facilities staff to take the physical plant down for several hours to perform emergency or routine service without interrupting the chilled water district cooling supply to the campus.

Chilled Water Thermal Storage