In 2016, Cypress College embarked on an ambitious project to expand their central plant which provides the cooling for the students, faculty, and staff of this 110 acre campus. As a part of the expansion of the central plant (built by PPC Mechanical Contractors), a new 890,000 gallon chilled water Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank was designed and built by DN Tanks.

The performance criteria for the tank was specified by P2S Engineering and included a useable TES capacity of 10,000 ton-hours and a maximum chilled water flow rate of 2,400 gallons per minute. Integrated into the campus district cooling system, the tank provides cooling for the campus during the peak electric period of time during the afternoon, allowing the chiller equipment to de-energize during this time, which permanently reduces the campus’s electric demand. Utilizing the TES tank, the peak-demand electric load of the campus will be reduced by 1,100 kW’s. Albert Miranda, Facilities Director at Cypress College, estimates that the TES tank will save over $ 190,000 per year in energy costs.

Chilled Water Thermal Storage