This National Rural Electric Cooperative / Cooperative Research Network studied the use of storing thermal energy in residential water heaters using smart contrls by Great River Energy (GRE).

Project Included:
1. Ten Steffes Water Heater Controls with remotely configurable charge rates were deployed
in the service territories of the participating member distribution cooperatives.
2. Two-way communication of the water heater controls was tested and evaluated.
3. The use of power-line carrier, 700-MHz wireless, and Wi-Fi were tested as possible
communication technologies.
4. An economic model was developed for evaluating use of hot water heaters for frequency regulations.

GRE has configured the grid-interactive electric thermal storage (GETS) units to charge during the off-peak hours each night (11 PM to 7 AM) to charge at an average of 1.5 KW for 8 hours, for a total of 12 kWhs. It can oscillate in response to the AGC or ACE signal by reg up from 1.5 KW to 3 kW or reg down from 1.5 kW to zero

Heat Thermal Storage