A school in Queensland Australia is beginning to reap financial and sustainability benefits through its new hybrid PV and storage system. The system, engineered and installed by GEM Energy Australia, consists of 732 state of the art Q.PRO modules that feed power into the school as well as a containerised bank of batteries.

The system was carefully designed by GEM Energy to optimise generation for onsite loads and electricity tariffs plus charge the batteries during a relatively short time period. The site featured many roof orientations which further presented challenges during the design and installation of the PV array. The inverters required custom programming in order to integrate with other system components. Q CELLS PV modules were chosen for their high energy yields and high reliability in the tropical conditions experienced in Queensland Australia.

The system is expected to reduce grid electricity consumption by approximately 80% - resulting in savings of up to $100,000 (AUD) per year.

Lead-acid Battery