Powin Energy, a designer, developer, and manufacturer of battery energy storage systems, will develop, install, and manage the project through Grand Johanna LLC. The project itself is a 2 MW / 8 MWh lithium ion battery system that will consist of modular battery packs controlled by Powin Energy’s patented battery management system. Battery arrays will connect to power conversion systems, transformers, and energy management controls which will control charge and discharge functions of the project. All of Powin Energy’s equipment will be housed in an existing 35,000 square foot warehouse located in Irvine, CA. Powin Energy has secured 100% site control of the location.

In addition to the entire battery system energy storage project, all the government-required safety mechanisms (e.g., fire suppression systems) will also be installed, to code, at the project site. The project will interconnect at SCE’s Virgo 12 kV circuit located on Millikan Avenue in Irvine, CA via a new underground gen-tie likely no longer than 150 feet. This circuit is directly in line with SCE’s 220/66 kV Santiago substation which is within (i) the Western LA Basin Local RA Capacity region, (ii) the LA Local Capacity Region and (iii) SCE’s Preferred Resources Pilot (PRP) region.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery