The Cork Trust Medical Centre is located in Dorrigo in the high altitude coastal region of Northern New South Wales. Solar Depot Bellingen was involved since inception and won the tender, subsequently designing and installing an AC coupled grid connected microgrid / solar-hybrid system made up of three Selectronic SP1202 inverter chargers, 36 kW of Yingli polycrystalline solar panels (eventually to be expanded up to 90 kW) , and 6 x ABB 6 kW Inverters and an energy storage system.

The energy storage system is made up of 60 x 2 Volt OPzV Gel batteries rated to 1275 amp hours (C100 rated), which can store up to 72 kWh of available electricity. This will be used to store excess solar production for use at night instead of selling it back to the grid at a low rate, and can also be used for back-up during blackout periods.

Lead-acid Battery