Located about four miles west of the city of Oroville in Butte County, Thermalito Pumping-Generating Plant is a principal feature of the Oroville-Thermalito pumped storage power complex. A pumping-generating plant, the facility is operated in tandem with Hyatt Powerplant and Thermalito Diversion Dam Powerplant to produce power.

Water released for power in excess of local and downstream requirements is conserved by pumpback operation during off-peak hours through both power plants into Lake Oroville to be subsequently released for power generation during periods of peak power demand. Construction on the plant began in 1964 and was completed in 1969, with operations starting in 1968.

***The Thermalito Pumping - Generating Plant suffered significant damage from a fire on November 22, 2012 - further details on the incident can be found here:

Open-loop Pumped Hydro Storage