Alevo Group announced an 8MW/4 MWh energy storage system in Lewes, Delaware. Alevo has worked closely with the City of Lewes and the Lewes Board of Public Works (BPW) on the project, which will involve the repurposing of a retired oil-fired generator building once operated by the BPW. Once complete, the deployment will be the largest of its kind in the State of Delaware.

Alevo will be able to sell ancillary services into the PJM regulation market, while providing the city improved power quality, a more reliable electric grid system and the ability to shave peak demand for its customers. Lewes has a significant renewable energy presence on their distribution system - both a 1.5 MW wind turbine situated at the University of Delaware and one of the highest per capita installations of solar - which can cause upward pressures for demand costs to the system. The installation of the 8 MW battery will provide a significant tool to manage capacity charges, peak demands and transmission charges.

Lithium-ion Battery