Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L) and its partners are demonstrating an end-to-end SmartGrid built around a major SmartSubstation with a local distributed control system based on IEC 61850 protocols and control processors—that includes advanced generation, distribution, and customer technologies. Co-located renewable energy sources, such as solar and other parallel generation, will be placed in the demonstration area and will feed into the energy grid. The demonstration area consists of ten circuits served by one substation across two square miles with 14,000 commercial and residential customers. Part of the demonstration area contains the Green Impact Zone, 150 inner-city blocks that suffers from high levels of unemployment, poverty, and crime. Efforts in the Green Impact Zone will focus on training residents to implement weatherization and energy efficiency programs to reduce utility bills, conserve energy, and create jobs. KCP&L’s SmartGrid program will provide area businesses and residents with enhanced reliability and efficiency through real-time information about electricity supply and demand. It will enable customers to manage their electricity use and save money.

KCP&L is implementing a 1 MW / 1 MWh Li-ion battery system from Dow Kokam as part of this initiative.

• Implement and demonstrate a next-generation, end-to-end SmartGrid
• Demonstrate, measure, and report on the costs, benefits, and business model feasibility of the demonstrated technologies
• Identify issues and gaps in technological standards

Key Milestones
• Midtown Substation commissioned (October 2011)
• ADA circuits commissioned (June 2012)
• Smart EndUse implementation (March 2013)
• Integrated system test and demonstration (September 2013)

Lithium Polymer Battery