The project located in Minster, Ohio was built in conjunction with the local municipal utility, the Village of Minster. This project is the largest U.S. facility of its kind connected through a municipal utility. The construction of the energy storage facility started in October last year. The project consists of a 4.3 MW solar plant and a 7 MW PureWave system installed in Minster which provides fully integrated storage management and power conversion for 3-MWh of lithium ion-batteries.

Half Moon Ventures (HMV) and the Village of Minster benefit from four unique revenue streams, which will offset the costs of grid improvements while improving the rate of return. HMV will be able to sell into PJM’s frequency regulation market, which helps to provide grid reliability for more than 60 million customers. The Village of Minster will use the energy storage system to defer T&D costs, improve power quality and shave peak demand.

Lithium-ion Battery