Hitachi America, Ltd. and Demansys Energy, Inc. have commissioned a 1 MW Lithium-Ion energy storage facility utilizing Hitachi's "CrystEna" compact container-type energy storage system and have started a demonstration project in Somerdale, New Jersey.

Demansys and Hitachi are performing a demonstration project utilizing Hitachi's CrystEna in the market for frequency regulation and capacity services. Demansys managed this demonstration project which involves the installation of a Hitachi CrystEna system in New Jersey, not far from Philadelphia. To verify the system's effectiveness for grid stabilization, the demonstration will collect data over a two year period, including a capacity pilot project with PJM Interconnection and frequency regulation operation in PJM, the USA's largest independent grid operator.

The demonstration has started to further evaluate energy storage systems and to verify system reliability and effectiveness with the aim to engage in a large deployment in the US ancillary services market.

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