Ice Energy’s flagship Ice Bear system enables a powerful change in how – and more importantly when – energy is consumed for air conditioning. The Ice Bear system is an intelligent distributed energy storage solution that works in conjunction with commercial direct-expansion (DX) air-conditioning systems, specifically the refrigerant-based, 4-20-ton packaged rooftop systems common to most small to mid-sized commercial buildings. The system stores energy at night, when electricity generation is cleaner, more efficient and less expensive, and delivers that energy during the peak of the day to provide cooling to the building. Daytime energy demand from air conditioning – typically 40-50% of a building’s electricity use during peak daytime hours – can be reduced significantly. In kilowatts, each Ice Bear delivers an average reduction of 12 kW of source equivalent peak demand for a minimum of 6 hours daily, shifting 72 kW-hours of on-peak energy to off-peak hours. Ice Bear units are typically owned by utilities and installed at distributed locations behind the customer meter on commercial and industrial sites. When aggregated and deployed at scale, a typical utility deployment will shift the operation of thousands of commercial AC condensing units from on-peak periods to off-peak periods, reducing electric system demand, improving electric system load factor, reducing electric system costs, and improving overall electric system efficiency and power quality.

Ice Thermal Storage