NGK Insulators, Ltd.and Terna S.p.A, Italy's largest transmission system operator (TSO) came to a framework agreement for supply of a NaS battery system. This represents the first large scale NaS battery energy storage system installation in European grid system.

According to the framework agreement, maximum quantity equal to 70,000 kW (490,000 kWh for 7 hours discharge) of the NaS battery system will be supplied for installation in the Italian transmission grid. The first phase order under this agreement is expected with the volume of 35,000 kW (245,000 kWh) for about 100 million euros.

TERNA plans to utilize the NaS battery at a substation in order to balance the demand and supply of electricity instantaneously and stabilize the transmission grid for optimum performance under the massive increase of intermittent renewable energy.

Sodium-sulfur Battery