Avista Utilities was awarded $3.2 million for the project which includes installing a 1 MW/3.2 MWh UET vanadium flow battery in Pullman, Wash., to support WSU’s smart campus operations. PNNL will collaborate with WSU to develop a control strategy for this project. Avista is participating in the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project and previously received a DOE Smart Grid Investment Grant.

The Uni.System will be used by the customer, Avista Utilities, for load shifting, frequency regulation, and conservation voltage regulation on the Turner distribution circuit.   The UET solution will also support Avista’s end‐user, manufacturer Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), with UPS, black start, and 4‐cycle ride‐through.  SEL is a global leader in protective relays and other grid equipment.  The project is
funded in part by the Washington State Clean Energy Fund, proposed by Gov. Jay Inslee and approved by the Legislature in 2013.  Over $14 million in matching grants were awarded to Avista, Puget Sound Energy, and Snohomish Public Utility District for projects to demonstrate battery technologies in the electrical grid.  As a result, Washington is now one of the market leaders in energy storage in the U.S. 

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery