GS Yuasa Corporation installed an 1800 kW E3 Solution System at the Kami-Fukuoka Station for Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. The regenerative power storage system combines five 360 kW units connected in parallel, each with a converter and lithium-ion battery.

The E3 Solution System has been operating since July 2012. The system utilizes power more efficiently by absorbing energy generated during the braking of railcars, storing it in the lithium-ion batteries via the converter and then supplying it to railcars during acceleration. The stored energy is also used to stabilize the overhead contact line voltage. Using regenerative power in this way ensures the safer operation of railcars and acts as an energy-saving measure by reducing railcar electricity consumption. Tobu Railway chose the system to help cope with an increase in the peak-hour operational burden following the introduction of new railcar models and timetable changes.

Lithium-ion Battery