The Alstom-Saft consortium has signed a frame contract with the EDF group to supply an initial energy storage system using a container of Lithium-ion batteries, demonstrating the system’s ability to regulate the frequency of the grid. Alstom's MaxSineTM eStorage solution, connected to Saft's Intensium® Max 20M storage system, will be installed on EDF R&D's experimental "Concept Grid", dedicated to the development of grids and smart electrical systems. Located on the EDF site of Les Renardières south of Paris (Seine-et-Marne region), this is the first installation of its kind in France. The storage system and the power converter will be delivered in late 2014.

As part of this contract, Alstom and Saft will provide the complete 1 MW/30 min energy storage and conversion system. Saft will supply its Intensium® Max 20 foot lithium-ion battery container, while Alstom will install its MaxSineTM eStorage solution. Alstom's MaxSineTM eStorage includes a power converter that connects the Direct Current (DC) battery to the Alternating Current (AC) grid, and converts the electricity between DC and AC to be stored or released into the grid. It also includes real-time energy storage management software to optimize the production of electricity according to the needs of the grid.

Lithium-ion Battery