This Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded project will investigate the efficacy of energy storage to act upon an electrical network and supply power and energy back into the grid at appropriate times. The effort is part of the Grid Connected Energy Storage Research Demonstrator project, led by the University of Sheffield.

In September 2014 a main 2 MW (1 MWh) Lithium-Titanate SCiB system was supplied by Toshiba and ABB, with a further 250 kW system investigating the use of repurposed second life EV batteries.

Western Power Distribution (WPD) is providing the point of network connection and a short term lease at their 11 kV Willenhall substation, but UK regulations prohibit distribution network operators from generating electricity or trading in energy markets. So while the project will be owned and operated by EPSRC, both partners will closely monitor the "effects on the network of this influx of energy storage, paying particular attention to the power requirement, diversity of connection and power quality experienced, to draw together a standard arrangement and assessment method for connecting more units in the future."





Lithium Ion Titanate Battery