General Motors, OnStar and TimberRock Energy Solutions have collaborated to deploy an advanced, solar microgrid at GM’s E-Motor Plant in White Marsh, Maryland. The objective of the project was to quantify how a microgrid comprised of distributed energy resources (DERs) that include solar PV, EV charging infrastructure, stationary li-ion energy storage and a fleet of Chevy Volts could deliver an economic “benefit stack” sufficient to enable scalable, microgrid business models.
The project tightly integrates the performance of the various DERs within the microgrid via TimberRock’s Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) called De-MAP. De-MAP serves as the integration platform for both the DERs and the external management systems. The DERs are aggregated and managed as a single block of capacity allowing them to “straddle the meter” and be dispatched to deliver value to both the host site – delivering cost-effective energy and reducing demand charges – and the grid by providing services like frequency regulation.

The project represents the first commercial deployment of OnStar’s Smart Grid solutions which allows EVs to be integrated with a microgrid and directly managed as grid-interactive resources. PJM, the grid operator, was heavily involved with the project since its inception and the Maryland Energy Administration has awarded the project their prestigious Game Changer award.

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