The CERTS Microgrid Concept is an advanced approach for enabling integration of, in principle, an unlimited quantity of DER (e.g., distributed generation (DG), energy storage, etc.) into the electric utility grid. A key feature of a microgrid, is its ability to separate and isolate itself from the utility system, during a utility grid disturbance. This is accomplished via intelligent power electronic interfaces and a single, high-speed, switch which is used for disconnection from the grid and synchronization to the grid. During a disturbance, the DER and corresponding loads can autonomously be separated from the utility’s distribution system, isolating the microgrid’s load from the disturbance (and thereby maintaining high level of service) without harming the integrity of the utility’s electrical system/power grid. Intentional islanding of DER and loads has the potential to provide a higher level of reliability than that provided by the distribution system as a whole. Thus, when the utility grid returns to normal, the microgrid automatically synchronizes and reconnects itself to the grid, in an equally seamless fashion.

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