Wind & Sun LTD installed the battery/inverter systems, wind turbine and PV arrays in the summer of 2006. The system uses 3 Sunny Island SI-4500 bi-directional inverters connected as a single phase parallel cluster as the heart of the system to combine to give a high quality sine wave inverter with powerful overload capability (total of 13.5kW 30min rating). They include powerful battery chargers that ensures maximum battery lifetimes, energy management controller for loads and generators, and a generator management system. All generation is connected on the AC side with the PV using Sunny Boy inverters and the wind turbine using a Windy Boy, so cable volt losses can be minimized. The Sunny Island cluster is connected to a battery bank rated at 60 VDC 916 Ah (@ C10 rate), comprising 15 x 4V Rolls Solar RB-4KS21PS batteries. This gives a storage capacity of over 27 kWh to 50% depth of discharge.

Lead-acid Battery