Kodiak Island operates a renewably-powered, isolated microgrid in Alaska. ABB Microgrids worked closely with Kodiak Electric Association (KEA) to develop and deliver the microgrid solution. KEA, a rural electric cooperative which generates and distributes electrical power in Kodiak, Alaska, uses hydro, wind, battery energy storage, flywheel energy storage and diesel generation sets to produce power for the island.

The ABB PowerStore units will provide voltage and frequency support for a new crane to be installed at Kodiak Island’s port facility. They can also extend the life of the battery systems by up to 6 years, and provide renewables integration by helping to manage the intermittencies from a 9 MW wind farm on the island. Longer battery life will improve sustainability of KEA’s power system.

The flywheel energy storage consists of two 1 MW ABB PowerStore Grid Stabilization Model PS8 units installed in 2015. KEA refers to these units as the Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS).