Jointly developed by AREVA (now Orano), the Environmental Sciences Laboratory of the University of Corsica Pascal Paoli/CNRS, and the CEA, the project is certified by the Capenergies competitiveness cluster and is co-funded by the government of Corsica, the French State and the European Union.

Since January 2012, the MYRTE platform has connected photovoltaic solar panels, with an output of 560 kW, to a hydrogen-based storage system. By joining the power grid, this provides a solution to the problem of intermittency and makes it one of the rare installations in the world with this type of coupling.

The new Greenenergy Box system also offers greater flexibility for grid operations and gives the research teams at the University of Corsica, in association with the CNRS and the CEA, the opportunity to plan and test various energy management scenarios.

Hydrogen Storage