This Grid Power Support System (GPSS) energy storage system was designed specifically for the SWER (Single Wire Earth Return) power transmission system. The SWER power lines are used throughout the world, with the network here in Australia being one of the largest, covering 200,000 km and servicing approximately 100,000 rural customers. The SWER power lines were first utilised after WWII because they offered a simple, low cost power solution by supplying power through a single wire and circulating it back via the earth.

Currently however, the SWER power line network suffers from poor voltage regulation, poor power factor and overload capability.

The GPSS-SWR consists of a single phase rugged IGBT bi-directional inverter, and 100 kWh of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. The primary function of GPSS-SWR is voltage regulation, power factor correction, peak current injection (to clear the downstream fuse) and to provide UPS function. The GPSS-SWR was assembled in a 10' container and was supplied to a Queensland utility in 2010.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery