Princeton Power Systems has been selected by Tesla to supply power inverters for a highly innovative peak-shaving program in California. Spearheaded by SolarCity, the project involves locally storing energy from rooftop photovoltaic arrays to help offset peak demand and thus minimize demand charges. SolarCity is estimating a 20 percent reduction in demand charges, which can amount to millions of dollars annually among large commercial customers. Princeton Power Systems will provide GTIB-30s and GTIB-100s inverters.

The Princeton Power Systems inverters combined with Tesla’s lithium-ion battery technology will store locally-generated energy to supplement the grid during times of high demand. This will avoid costly spikes in energy demand in addition to providing backup power during outages.

Inverters are at the heart of these advanced solar energy systems — managing the power flow between the PV and batteries. Princeton Power Systems inverters are capable of transitioning between grid-tied and island-mode operation to enable continued renewable energy harvest when grid power is not available.

Lithium-ion Battery